Question: Does Thorin have a son?

They did have a son named Thorin (III) Stonehelm who was born in TA 2866. He became King under the Mountain in 3019 (in Tolkiens legendarium) after Dain died in the War of the North.

Are Fili and Kili sons of Thorin?

Fíli and Kíli were nephews of Thorin, who was the elder brother of their mother Dís. They were also nephews of Frerin, grandsons of Thráin II, and great-grandsons of Thrór.

Does Thorin have siblings?

His older brother was the Dwarven hero and future king Thorin II Oakenshield, and his younger sister was Dís....FrerinHouseHouse of DurinParentageThráin IISiblingsThorin, DísPhysical Description11 more rows•Jun 14, 2021

Who kills Thorin?

Thorin gets wounded and Fili and Kili are the ones who die. Then Beorn rescues him and Bilbo and Thorin reconcile.

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