Question: Where does Melissa 55 live?

Since that article appeared, I have been in a two-month email conversation with Melissa, who wishes to remain anonymous beyond her first name, the name of her husband Doug, her age and the fact she lives in East Tennessee.

Where does Melissa55 live?

Melissa55 is from a small town in eastern Tennessee, where she and her entire family still live.

How old is Melissa55?

60-year-old Youtuber Melissa55, a 60-year-old granny from Tennessee is on her way to slay the internet with her ageless beauty and charm. Look at her luminiscent skin. With a face thats uncommonly radiant, eyes that twinkle and arms that a 20-year-old would be jealous of, meet Melissa, a 60-year-old beauty vlogger from the U.S.

Who is little poet?

Susan Buchanan is the LittlePoet on the YouTube channel of the same name. Susan is from Michigan and she has been posting regularly on YouTube for almost five years. Her darling little dog, Desi, features prominently in her more recent videos.

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