Question: Is Mulhouse worth visiting?

Worth spending a few hours visiting the old town. As previously said, Mulhouse isnt in the same category as Strasbourg or Colmar, or any of the small villages along the wine route, but it does have some character, and along with the different museums, it is worth a day visit.

Is Mulhouse safe?

Safety and Security Mulhouse is an extremely safe and secure city, with an exceptionally low level of crime compared to other cities in France and across Europe. Foreigners should still exercise caution at all times, especially in crowded tourist parts of the city and at train and bus stations.

Is Riquewihr worth visiting?

Riquewihr is one of the most beautiful Alsace villages, if not the most beautiful! One of the best medieval towns in France, nestled between mountains and vineyards is one of the best places to visit in Alsace, well-known for its picturesque architecture, and wines.

Is it better to stay in Colmar or Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is more of a city while Colmar is a reasonably large town. Many people like to stay in Colmar because its close to the Vosges mountains and some beautiful old wine villages like (Riquewihr and Eguisheim. In fact, if you are into wines, Colmar would be a good choice to stay in.

What is Riquewihr known for?

listen (help·info)) is a commune in the Haut-Rhin department in Grand Est in north-eastern France. A popular tourist attraction for its historical architecture, Riquewihr is also known for the Riesling and other wines produced in the village. Riquewihr looks today more or less as it did in the 16th century.

What language do they speak in Alsace?

Alsatian is a Germanic dialect spoken in Alsace. Even though the French government forbade the use of Germanic languages in schools in 1945, the dialect saw something of a revival in the 1970s when a number of independent movements fought against the states crackdown on regional languages.

How old is Riquewihr?

Riquewihr in Alsace, a fairy tale medieval city between mountain and vineyards. This former winery was built in 1580 and recently converted into 6 wonderful holiday apartments superbly located in one of the most beautiful villages of France.

What is the Alsace wine route?

Located in eastern France, the Alsace Wine Route spans 170 km, starting near Strasbourg in the north and ending just south of Colmar. This area is a wonderful blend of French and German culture. Colorful, half-timbered buildings line cobblestoned streets.

How many days do you need in Strasbourg France?

Id recommend spending at least 2 days in Strasbourg, and then if you have more time, check out the rest of Alsace. Its a beautiful wine-growing region with lots of charming little towns and villages, a vast national park, and spectacular natural landscapes.

Which is better Colmar or Strasbourg?

While Strasbourg has a stunning cathedral, better canal scenery and boat rides, more art museums, and richer architecture, Colmar is more picturesque and quaint, has an art museum hosting a renowned altarpiece, and is the gateway to the Alsacian wine country and its scenic villages.

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