Question: What county is Hartlepool under?

Hartlepool, seaport and unitary authority, geographic and historic county of Durham, northeastern England, on the North Sea. Hartlepool Headland, with Victoria Harbour in the background, Hartlepool, Durham, Eng.

Is Hartlepool part of Cleveland or County Durham?

The Borough of Hartlepool is a unitary authority area in the ceremonial county of County Durham, in north-east England.

Is Hartlepool under Durham county Council?

Hartlepool is a local government district and borough in the ceremonial county of County Durham, North East England. It is centred around the town of Hartlepool and forms part of the Tees Valley area. It is made up of 17 council wards and is coterminous with the Hartlepool parliamentary constituency.

Is Hartlepool part of Yorkshire?

Hartlepool (/ˈhɑːrtlɪpuːl/) is a port town in County Durham, North East England. It is the largest settlement and administrative headquarters of the larger Borough of Hartlepool.

Is County Durham a good place to live?

County Durham is considered a safe and secure place to live and work. There are a huge variety of things to see and do, with the county steeped in history and culture.

Is Hartlepool safe?

Hartlepool is the second most dangerous major town in Durham, and is among the top 20 most dangerous overall out of Durhams 185 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Hartlepool in 2020 was 120 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Durham a beautiful city?

Last year Durham city has been named one of Britains eight most beautiful cities by National Geographic. Durham was described as a perfect little city by writer Bill Bryson on the site, with the perfect spot for taking pictures found along the banks of the Wear.

Is Hartlepool a good place to buy?

Hartlepool was traditionally a fishing town but has undergone recent changes which is making it more appealing for investors . Hartlepool still offers low property prices and good stable rents which are predicted to increase due to increased development and re-generation of this town.

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