Question: Is Mach com free?

Its 100% free to join and see what all the fuss is about. As a free member, you can take a look around the dating site and app for as long as you want, keeping an eye out for daily matches and potential dates.

Is matching for men free? is Free & It Always Will Be You can always upgrade if youre serious about finding dates online. A legitimate dating site like can help singles boost their odds of meeting someone special.

Do you have to pay to go on match com?

Do women have to pay to use Match? Yes, both men and women require a subscription to make the most out of the Match service.

How do you like someone on match?

Click the Heart icon to send them a Like, or click the X icon to see your next recommendation.

How do you get match com matches?

Daily Matches. The most common way of getting matches on is to let the website automatically do it for you, based on comparisons between your profile and the profiles of others. How you rate and interact with the profiles you see can also affect who you get matched with.

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