Question: What is the best way to use Zoosk?

The most basic way to use Zoosk is to search for members whom you might have something in common with. You will automatically be given search criteria based on what you entered when you signed up for Zoosk (i.e. what gender you are and are looking for in matches, as well as an age-appropriate range).

How do I get the most out of Zoosk?

Check out my top 10 conversations starters that will help you be successful on Zoosk!Make Your Intentions Clear. Choose the Right Time. Ask Open-Ended Questions. Be Silly and Light. Engage with Their Interests. Keep It Brief. Keep a 50/50 Rule. Ask about Their Worst Date. •Mar 4, 2020

How good is Zoosk site for dating?

Yes, Zoosk is a good dating site for a “middle of the road” option. This means there are plenty of great singles, and the site is affordable, but you dont quite get as many features as you do with the higher-priced memberships.

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