Question: Whos the youngest king in Nigeria?

Dein Keagborekuzi I (born Benjamin Keagborekuzi Ikenchuku on 29 June 1977) is the Dein of Agbor kingdom, a Nigerian traditional state in Delta State, Nigeria. He was named the worlds youngest crowned monarch in the 1980 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Who was the youngest king to be crowned?

The youngest king was Henry VI, who was 8 months and 26 days old at the time of his accession.

Who is the oldest king on throne in Nigeria?

Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona He was installed as the king on 2 April 1960, which makes him one of the longest reigning monarchs in Nigeria....Sikiru Kayode Adetona.Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona, Ogbagba Agbotewole IIPredecessorOba Daniel Adesanya, Gbelegbuwa IIBorn10 May 1934 Imupa, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria9 more rows

Who was the most famous king?

Top 10 Most Famous Kings In History#8: Tutankhamen. c. #7: Peter I of Russia. 1672 - 1725. #6: Hammurabi. Unknown - c. #5: Charlemagne. c. #4: Cyrus II of Persia. c. #3: Alexander III of Macedon. 356 - 23 BC. #2: Henry VIII of England. 1491 - 1547. #1: Louis XIV of France. 1638 - 1715.

Who is the bravest king in the world?

Here are 8 kings and queens that Indian history is thankful to for their courage and valour.Porus. Image Credit: wikipedia. Maharana Pratap. Image Credit: Chatrapati Shivaji. Image Credit: indiaopines. Rani of Jhansi. Image Credit: indiatimes. Chandragupta Maurya. Tipu Sultan. Rani Padmavati. Yashwantrao Holkar.15 Aug 2016

Who is the richest kings in Nigeria?

Who is the Richest Kings In Nigeria1Oba Obateru Akinruntan₦138 Billion2Saadu Abubakar₦46 Billion3Lamido Sanusi Lamido₦36.8 Billion4Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Enitan₦32.2 Billion5Oba Ewuare II Ogidigan₦27.6 Billion5 more rows•21 Aug 2021

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