Question: Why is Scotty missing a finger?

One bullet blew off his middle right finger, four struck his leg and one hit him in the chest. A silver cigarette case stopped the bullet to the chest. He made no effort, however, to hide the missing finger during his decades of autograph signings and convention appearances.

Did Scotty have nine fingers?

Actor James Doohan, who played “Scotty” on Star Trek, only had nine fingers. One bullet blew off his middle finger, four hit his leg and one struck him in the chest. The bullet to the chest would likely have been fatal had it not deflected off the silver cigarette case in his pocket.

How did Scotty from Star Trek died?

Pneumonia James Doohan/Cause of death THE US: Actor James Doohan, best known as the feisty Scottish chief engineer in the original Star Trek series - a role immortalised by the catchphrase Beam me up, Scotty - died yesterday, aged 85, his manager said. Doohan died in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, Washington, of pneumonia and Alzheimers disease.

Is Mr Sulu dead?

George Takei (/təˈkeɪ/; Japanese: ジョージ・タケイ; born Hosato Takei, April 20, 1937) is an American actor and activist....George TakeiEducationUniversity of California, Berkeley University of California, Los Angeles (BA, MA)OccupationActor author activistYears active1955–present5 more rows

Who was the best engineer in Star Trek?

Here are the best engineers in Star Trek, ranked.8 Trip Tucker.7 BElanna Torres.6 Reginald Barclay.5 Montgomery Scott.4 Miles OBrien.3 Seven of Nine.2 Zefram Cochrane.1 Geordi LaForge. •Oct 14, 2019

What color was Scottys uniform?

Scotts uniform department color patch was usually yellow (signifying operations division), although in some scenes he wore the white shirt of the command division, though in the later movies, he relinquished his Second Officer status, which was fine with him, as he always preferred being in the Engine Room.

Is Sulu a real name?

Sulu is also the 104,470th most frequently occurring first name in the world. It is borne by 4,368 people. The surname is most frequently held in Turkey, where it is held by 4,764 people, or 1 in 16,335.

What rank is Sulu?

lieutenant commander Following the end of the Enterprises pioneering five-year mission in 2269, Sulu received a promotion to the rank of lieutenant commander; he remained part of the starships crew under Captain Willard Decker during the vessels 18-month refit, and was present at the helm on stardate 7410.2 (2271) when Admiral James ...

Is Scotty in into darkness?

Simon Pegg with Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin Scott was played by Simon Pegg. Scotty wears the stripes of a lieutenant commander on his sleeve in both Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, but shoulder pins on his dress uniform at the end of Into Darkness indicate a rank of lieutenant.

What happened to Chief O Brien?

Chief OBrien appeared in all seven seasons of DS9, although he was killed in the season 3 episode Visionary and was replaced by a version of himself from several hours in the future.

What is Scottys first name?

Scott, known as Scotty as well as the miracle worker to his longtime comrades James T. Kirk and crew, was the chief engineer aboard the original U.S.S. Enterprise and its successor craft who resurfaced 75 years after his presumed loss en route to the Norpin Colony in 2369 — perhaps his biggest miracle of all.

What color is Worf?

Later hes formally instated as Chief of Security and begins to wear yellow, which makes sense. But why should a junior security officer wear red, the colour of the command division?

Why are Star Trek uniforms different colors?

Each field has its own color. These colors change between series and films, often the result of what showed up best on television at the time or suited the physical appearance of the actors playing the roles. Everyone knows you dont want to be wearing a red shirt during an away mission on Star Trek (1966 - 1969).

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