Question: Does Trotzdem affect word order?

How does Trotzdem affect word order?

Words such as weil and obwohl are known as subordinating conjunctions - these types of conjunctions affect the word order in German. They introduce a clause which cannot stand on its own, but is dependent on the main clause. For example, in English, I play football because its fun.

Does also in German change word order?

They do not change the word order. They are used to join two clauses. If the clauses are not joined together by a coordinating conjunction, both clauses will still make perfect sense on their own.

What is Trotzdem in Deutsch?

adverb. all/just the same nevertheless.

How do you use the word Trotzdem?

trotzdemall/just the same nevertheless. Im sure I locked the door, but, all the same, I think Ill go and check.anyhow [adverb] anyway. Anyhow, even if the problem does arise, it wont affect us.nevertheless [adverb] in spite of that. nonetheless, none the less nevertheless; in spite of this.

What means Obwohl?

conjunction. although [conjunction] in spite of the fact that. Although she was rich, she was not very happy. though [conjunction] (rare abbreviation tho) despite the fact that; although.

Does the verb go last in German?

German sentences are usually time, manner, place. After a subordinate clause / conjunction, the verb goes last.

Is was a subordinating conjunction?

Some common subordinating conjunctions are after, although, as, as if, as long as, because, before, despite, even if, even though, if, in order that, rather than, since, so that, that, though, unless, until, when, where, whereas, whether, and while.

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