Question: Is there a season 2 for Black Butler 2?

Is Black Butler Season 2 a continuation?

Kuroshitsuji II is the sequel to Kuroshitsuji. The second season features two new main characters: Earl Alois Trancy and his butler Claude Faustus. Many of the main characters from the previous season return as well, including Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis.

How many seasons does Black Butler 2 have?

There are two seasons and the OVA of the second season of Black Butler on the popular streaming service. The first season has 24 episodes, while the filler second season has 12. The last season, on the other hand, has 10 episodes, all of which are canon.

What is going on in season 2 of Black Butler?

In the end, the reason Ciels soul was stolen was that Sebastian was accused of causing a chain of events that resulted in the destruction of Alois village and the death of his younger brother.

Is Black Butler Season 2 on Netflix?

Both the English sub and dub are available, so fans can binge whichever version of the season they like. If you want to catch up with Black Butler, you can check out its first season on Netflix before heading to season two.

Why was Overlord Cancelled?

The producers had announced that the anime would return with the fourth season. They aimed to release it by July 2020. But due to the conditions given right now, the production slowed down. Mostly it has been discontinued.

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