Question: How much does Harmony Pro cost?

Logitech is launching its first dedicated Harmony remote control for the specialty home-technology channel. Starting this month, new $400 Harmony Pro will be available exclusively through distributors ADI and Dow Electronics.

How much is the harmony pro remote?

The product is the Logitech Harmony Pro touchscreen remote with included Harmony Hub. They will be available this month at $399 exclusively through commercial and residential installers.

How much is the harmony Pro 2400?

Easy-to-learn programming takes less than 30 minutes on an iOS or Android device. Add voice, Sonos, etc....Item #:LOGIHARMONYPRO2400MSRP:$549.99Login2 more rows

Is the harmony elite the same as the Harmony 950?

The Harmony 950 is very similar to the Elite, but it lacks the ability to control Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. If all youre needing to control are IR devices, the 950 is good, but it limits what you can get in the future.

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