Question: Which is the biggest local government in Cross River State?

Obanliku Local Government Area Obudu cattle ranch is situated within the area of the local government area. It is one of the biggest local government areas in Cross River state.

Which local government is the richest local government in Cross River state?

Calabar Municipal LG, Cross River The Calabar Municipal is another rich local government area we have in Nigeria. It is located in Cross rivers state and is surrounded by beautiful places like the Calabar Tinapa, Obudu cattle ranch and many more.

Which local government is in Cross River state?

Cross River Local Government Areas Akamkpa is a Local Government Area of Cross River state with Its headquarters in the town of Akamkpa consisting districts of Egup-Ipa, Ehom, Erei, Iko Ekpe-Rem, Ikpai, Netin, North West (Ito), Oban, Ojuk, Ubang-Hara, Umon and Uyanga.

What is Cross River state known for?

The population of Cross River state consists largely of the Efik and Ekoi peoples. Food crops including yams, cassava, rice, and corn (maize) are cultivated. Deep-sea fishing and shrimping along the coast are also important.

Which tribe is Cross River state?

Demographics. The State is composed of several ethnic groups, which include the Efik, the Ejagham, Yakurr, Bahumono, Bette, Yala, Igede, Ukelle, Utukwang [Utugwang] and the Bekwarra. There are four major languages spoken in the state: French, Efik, Bekwarra, and Ejagham.

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