Question: Is it bad to be referred to occupational health?

Is it bad if you are referred to occupational health?

No. Occupational Health is about keeping people healthy at work, and supporting employees if they have a medical condition that could have an impact on their workplace activities; these medical conditions may affect them or the work they undertake.

Should I worry about occupational health?

Employers should remember Occupational Health services not just when the employee is off sick but from the moment they first have concerns about the employee so they can receive advice and assistance in managing such concerns effectively.

Can I lose my job through occupational health?

Absence. In the case of you being absent (off sick from work), occupational health has a different role. The first priority is the same though – to make sure its not due to a health problem caused or made worse by work. Occupational health will never say you should be dismissed.

What power does Occupational Health have?

Key facts. Occupational health services can have a major effect in preventing ill health through work and in ensuring employees are able to return to work as early as possible after a period of sickness. You have the right to work in a safe, healthy atmosphere.

Can I be sacked for long term sickness?

An employer can dismiss you on the grounds of your ability to do the job because of long term sickness. Before they do this they should follow a fair disciplinary and dismissal process - usually this means following the Acas code.

Why has my employer referred me to occupational health?

The main reason for referring an employee to occupational health is to help a manager resolve a situation where an employees health might be affecting their fitness to carry out their job, or their job may be adversely affecting their health in some way.

How long can you stay on sick pay for?

This means your employees have a statutory right to sick pay for up to 28 weeks. After those 28 weeks are up, or if they never qualified for SSP in the first place, employees can apply for employment and support allowance (ESA).

Can work contact me when off sick with stress?

There is no rule that says an employer cannot contact an employee during a period of sick leave. However, contact should be handled sensitively, particularly where someone is suffering from mental health problems or work-related stress and might find regular contact from their employer distressing.

Can I be sacked for being off sick with stress?

An employer can dismiss you if you have been long-term sick, but they must: Consider if you can return to work. This can be working flexible or part-time hours, or doing different or less stressful work (with training if required) Consult with you about when you could return to work and if your health will improve.

Can I be sacked for being off sick with a doctors note?

Illness. If you are persistently off sick, or on long-term sick, your employer should normally look at any alternatives before deciding to dismiss you. For example, they might have to consider whether the job itself is making you sick and needs to be changed. You can still be dismissed if you are off sick.

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