Question: Is 1st Central a black box company?

1st Central does not currently offer telematics or black box insurance, which sees a GPS-enabled device installed so the insurer can monitor and reward good driving.

Who are 1st central legal?

1ST CENTRAL Legal is a car insurance product offered by 1ST CENTRAL, which includes Legal Expenses Cover as standard. The Legal Expenses Cover is provided by Coplus (if your policy started before 1st July 2019, your cover is underwritten by Evolution Insurance Company).

Does a black box know where you are?

When you take out a black box car insurance policy, your insurer will arrange for a third party to install the black box device in your car. Its small โ€“ around the size of a mobile phone โ€“ and theyll usually place it in a discreet location, so you wont be able to see the device.

Can others drive my car with my insurance?

We cover anyone who drives your car, even if you havent nominated them on your policy1. If the driver of your vehicle is young or inexperienced then an additional excess may apply if theyre at fault in an accident.

What is first central value?

Our 1ST CENTRAL Value product provides comprehensive motor insurance at the lowest price possible.

Can you drive after 10pm with a black box?

You wont receive a penalty for driving at night, however, driving between 10pm and 5am will lower your driving rating. Some other features of their black box insurance include: Vandalism and uninsured driver cover, protecting your no claims discount.

What is a black box Jammer?

Devices such as GPS Jammers are used to block signals so that, in theory, your Black Box wont be able to pick up your location. Theyre cheap and easy to buy and people think that by using them, their journeys wont be logged, and any driving mistakes wont be picked up.

Can I let my friend drive my car?

Usually, yes โ€” your car insurance coverage should extend to anyone else driving your car. So if you lend your car to your best friend, your sister or even your second cousin, your insurance is most often the insurance that will pay in the event of an accident.

What happens when someone not on your insurance crashes your car?

What happens if someone wrecks your car and they arent on your insurance? But if you can prove they werent given permission to drive or if theyre specifically excluded from your policy, then your insurance wont cover them and theyll be liable for the damage they caused.

We provide legal expenses cover for disputes arising from: Physical injuries. Protecting your property (excluding boundary disputes) Contracts you enter into for goods or services.

Motor legal protection cover isnt a legal requirement. Its up to you to decide if its worth paying a little extra for peace of mind. Before you buy motor legal protection cover, check to see: if legal expenses are already included in your existing car insurance policy.

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