Question: Is it stupidest or most stupid?

Because stupid is a two-syllable word, its comparative form can be created either by adding the suffix “-er” or by using more. The same goes for the superlative form of stupid. It can be either the stupidest or the most stupid.

Do you say stupider or more stupid?

More stupid is also accepted as a comparative form of the adjective stupid. Stupider and more stupid are used interchangeably. In the English language, stupid is one of just a few adjectives that have two grammatically correct options for their comparative form.

Is funner grammatically correct?

But if youre thinking that that logic is downright silly, most dictionary establishments agree with you. And they also agree that…the answer to “is funner a word?” is yes. If you want to consider “fun,” as an adjective, a word, then “funner” is indeed a word, as is “funnest,” per normal rules of adjective formation.

How do you say shut up?

0:321:10How to Pronounce Shut Up? (2 WAYS!) British Vs US/American English ...YouTube

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