Question: How much does a Barcelona Chair cost?

How Much is a Barcelona Chair Original? A barcelona chair original can differ in price owing to various characteristics — the average selling price 1stDibs is $7,500, while the lowest priced sells for $2,245 and the highest can go for as much as $12,500.

How much does it cost to reupholster a chair in Barcelona?

To reupholster the Barcelona chair is $1200 (both cushions) + $1200 for new straps. This is labor only. To reupholster the Barcelona ottoman is $600 (one cushion) + $600 for new straps. This is labor only.

What does a Barcelona chair look like?

The original Barcelona chair is made with 17 strips of leather (other materials like vinyl can indicate copycats) evenly spaced in a ladder-like fashion on the back and under the bottom cushion. Rather than being buckled to the frame, they are attached with aluminum rivets.

Where is the Barcelona Chair made?

A Barcelona Chair in production at a Knoll factory in Pennsylvania. In 1964, Knoll shifted to stainless-steel frame production - which van der Rohe said he would have used in 1929, if the technology had been available.

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