Question: Which Insignia engine is best?

For most Vauxhall Insignia buyers, the 2.0-litre CDTi diesel engine will be the go-to choice. It can return over 60mpg and takes 9.4 seconds to go from 0-62mph. The Insignia is also treated to Vauxhalls latest 1.6-litre Whisper diesel engine.

What is the best Insignia?

Insignia VXR VXR edition Insignias are the most powerful in the range, and come with a 325hp 2.8-litre turbocharged V6 and four-wheel drive.

What engine is in a Vauxhall Insignia?

The new Insignia engine range features three- and four-cylinder units, beginning with a 1.4-litre (145hp) petrol engine and a 1.5-litre (122hp) diesel. The three-cylinder engines are up to 50kg lighter than their predecessors in the outgoing model.

Which is the top of the range Insignia?

Elite Nav. The Elite Nav trim level is where you get everything thrown at you. Its the top-spec Insignia, though, which means you have to give Vauxhall all of your money in return.

Is the Insignia a good car?

Overall the Insignia is a pleasant, easy-going car that majors on ease of use rather than anything particularly memorable. Its a comfortable cruiser and quiet both in wind and road noise, and the 2.0-litre petrol is quiet, refined and relatively pacey.

What is code 89 on a Vauxhall Insignia?

thanks. From what I have found on searching VIO on Facebook, code 89 is the Service Vehicle Soon warning. ( Doesnt mean the car needs a normal service) Need to get your car plugged in and the faults scanned.

When should the timing belt be changed on a Vauxhall Insignia?

72 months Change at 72 months. Thats six years. Long time for a Vauxhall timing belt.

Whats the most powerful Vauxhall Insignia?

With a total power output of 247 BHP, the Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 Turbo 4x4 250 takes joint fifteenth place. Its a 5 door AWD Hatchback with 5 seats and a front-mounted 2L Inline 4 Turbo Petrol engine.

What is Vauxhalls fastest car?

VAUXHALL VXR8 GTS-R is the fastest Vauxhall car ever made and will be driven for the last time at Goodwood Festival of Speed (June 29-July 2nd).

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