Question: Who is the father of Miley Cyrus baby?

Who are Miley Cyrus children?

They had two more children together, son Braison and daughter Noah. From previous relationships, her mother has two other children, Brandi and Trace.

Who in the Cyrus family had a baby?

But now, the Cyrus family has grown by one more. Billy Rays son Braison has recently welcomed his first child with wife Stella McBride Cyrus -- a baby boy named Bear Chance Cyrus. Braison shared the happy news on social media after Bear was born in Nashville in June.

Is Miley Cyrus mom?

Leticia Jean Tish Cyrus (née Finley; born May 15, 1967) is an American actress and producer. She produced the films The Last Song, LOL and So Undercover, and is a manager for her daughter Miley Cyrus....Filmography.Year2010TitleMiley Cyrus: Live at the O2RoleHerself (uncredited)NotesTelevision film13 more columns

Are Miley and Liam still together 2021?

Throughout their 10-year relationship, Miley Cyrus. and Liam Hemsworth. experienced a series of ups and downs that led to their eventual split in August 2019. Nearly two years after their split, in May 2021, the songstress remembered their relationship in an Instagram tribute.

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