Question: How do you tell if its Spencer or Alex?

How can you tell the difference between Spencer and Alex?

Hannas dream sequence. You can tell its Alex because she has side bangs instead of Spencers straight-across bangs and refers to Uber A as A.D. — a term that the actual Spencer didnt learn until later in the episode.

Is Spencer and Alex the same person?

Marlene King and portrayed by Troian Bellisario in the American television series Pretty Little Liars. Officially introduced in the series finale, Alex Drake is both the identical twin of main character Spencer Hastings and the previously anonymous identity known as A.D.

Does Spencer ever date Alex?

Alex Santiago is a young man who works part-time in the Rosewood Country Club, where Spencer Hastings family often goes. He is portrayed as a hardworking guy who would rather work and earn for college than loiter around like any other high school kid. He developed a romantic relationship with Spencer in season one.

How does Spencer know Kate?

Spencer reveals that she finally figured out where she knows Kate from - a horse camp during the summer of 2006, where Melissa was a counselor and Kate attended. Kate says Spencer wins and asks her what she wants in return of keeping her attendance of the camp private.

Why did Spencer cry when she opened the door?

I think Spencer was crying when she opened the door because she thought that if Toby really did love her, he would have just left town, leaving all of his things behind and not caring about the whole A Team & lair anymore.

What does Kate do to Hanna?

In Season 2, Kate reveals to Hanna that she intends to make her life miserable, comparing her to a horse whose spirit she would like to break. However, eventually, she slips up in an attempt to hurt Hanna, exposing her true nature. She is pulled out from Rosewood High and hasnt been seen since.

Does Emily win the pageant PLL?

Emily decides to enter the pageant, and win it, so Hanna can have the money, even if it it means potentially becoming A-bait.

Did Caleb cheat on Hanna with Spencer?

Honestly, there was so much cheating from last nights episode. Caleb cheated on Spencer, Hanna cheated on Jordan, and Aria cheated on Liam. The only one who didnt have anyone to cheat on was Ezra.

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