Question: What does Napoleons uncle sell?

Uncle Rico attempts a get rich quick scheme with Kip by selling sets of plastic bowls and later a breast enhancement product. They decide to sell them under Napoleons name and word quickly spreads around his school that he is responsible.

What was Deb selling in Napoleon Dynamite?

glamour shots One of those charming characters was Deb Bradshaw, Napoleons potential high school sweetheart. Like many of the other characters in Napoleon Dynamite, Deb was kind of a dork, sporting a side ponytail and selling glamour shots, handcrafts, and keychains door to door to earn enough cash for college.

What did Uncle Rico throw?

Uncle Rico : Back in 82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile.

How did Uncle Rico break his arm?

Later, Uncle Rico attempts to sell breast enhancing products to Rexs wife, Starla. Rex walks in and finds Uncle Rico in a very awkward position. Rex then beats up Uncle Rico, and breaks his left arm.

What was Uncle Ricos last name?

He is also credited under the names Jon Francis and Jonathan Gries. He is best known for his role in Napoleon Dynamite as Uncle Rico and the film for which he was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male, and also as recurring characters Roger Linus on Lost and Rusty the Bum on Seinfeld.

What is Napoleons favorite animal?

liger Napoleon Dynamite : A liger. Deb : Whats a liger? Napoleon Dynamite : Its pretty much my favorite animal. Its like a lion and a tiger mixed...

What is Uncle Ricos real name?

Jon GriesNapoleon Dynamite Uncle Rico/Played by

What was Napoleons favorite color?

white Napoleons favorite color horse was white. He owned more than 50 white horses. He often carried chocolate with him while he was in the military.

What does BLM mean White Lotus?

When Jennifer Coolidges character, Tanya, runs into a man from the BLM in The White Lotus Episode 4 on HBO, she assumes hes part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

What are three facts about Napoleon?

Here are 10 facts you may not have known about the French emperor.He wrote a romance novel. His first wife, Josephine Bonaparte, narrowly avoided the guillotine. He would disguise himself and walk the streets. He was tone deaf. He was afraid of cats (possibly) He discovered the Rosetta Stone. He wore poison around his neck.

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