Question: Who is Tom odells fiance?

Why did Tom Odell and Sydney break up?

Tom Odell has revealed that he was rushed to hospital, fearing that he was having a stroke, after splitting from his girlfriend. The singer opened up about his anxiety after his split from his girlfriend, model Sydney Lima. I felt like I couldnt breathe and I was having a stroke.

What band was Tom Odell in?

Tom and the Tides He studied at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) in Brighton playing as part of the band Tom and the Tides before moving to London in 2010.

When did Tom Odell and Sydney Lima break up?

AceShowbiz - Singer Tom Odell was rushed to hospital amid fears he was having a stroke after his split from model Sydney Lima. The British musician split with his ex last year 2018, and told Fearne Cotton on her Happy Place podcast about the terrifying ordeal that followed.

Who is Sydney Lima?

Sydney Lima is a model and writer, having penned pieces for i-D, LOVE, British Vogue to name a few. Although Sydney has the most infectious smile of the week, she tackles hard issues in her work - from digital identities to online sexual harassment.

What genre is another love by Tom Odell?

Pop Another Love/Genres

Is George Ezra single 2020?

No, George Ezra isnt married. According to a source speaking to a national newspaper, George and his long-term girlfriend Florrie - real name Florence Arnold - separated in early 2020. The pair, who had been dating for three years, first went public with their relationship at the BRIT Awards in February 2019.

Is George Ezra his real name?

George Ezra Barnett George Ezra/Full name

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