Question: What is a relationship without love called?

People who are aromantic, also known as “aro,” dont develop romantic attractions for other people. But that doesnt mean they dont have feelings. Love is hard to define, but theres a clear difference between love and romance.People who are aromantic

Can a relationship last without romance?

If you have ever thought, “there is no romance in my marriage” you arent alone. Having no romance in your marriage isnt the same as not being in love anymore, or equivalent to disliking your spouse. You may even still have an active sex life – just with no romance.

What is a squish relationship?

A squish is an intense feeling of platonic attraction, commonly mistaken with just wanting to be friends with someone. The equivalent of a crush for other types of attraction. Sometimes used as a catch-all term for other types of non-romantic non-sexual attractions.

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