Question: How do you balance a polyamorous relationship?

How do you deal with a polyamorous relationship?

Is a Polyamorous Relationship Right for You? 15 Dos, Donts and Things You Should KnowDo research into polyamory. Do ask yourself if you can handle polyamory. Do discuss polyamory with your partner (if you are in a relationship) Do ask for what you need. Do know your boundaries and limits. •Jan 13, 2021

Do poly relationships work long term?

The study, which included thousands of people in both monogamous and polyamorous setups, found that people in polyamorous relationships may better be able to experience both nurturance (the comfort and security associated with long-term relationships) and eroticism (sexual pleasure and passion associated with new ...

How do you balance multiple partners?

Make time for just the two of you. Set boundaries. Respect your partners partners. Keep your expectations realistic. Maintain constant and open communication. Make the most of your me-time. Consider your motivations and your partners.Sep 7, 2019

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