Question: Is Bike Week in Myrtle Beach Cancelled this year?

The Atlantic Beach Town Council canceled the 2021 Bikefest due to concerns over Covid-19.

Is Myrtle Beach Bike Week Cancelled?

May 7 – May 16, 2021 Sep 27 – Oct 3, 2021 Black Bike Week/Date

Is Black Bike Week 2021 Cancelled in Myrtle Beach?

Unfortunately the City of Atlantic Beach will not allow Black Bike Week to happen in 2021. Here is a link to the announcement

What happens at Bike Week in Myrtle Beach?

People come to Myrtle Beach Bike Week® to enjoy the rides / tours along the coastline of the Grand Strand, meet old friends and make new friends. To enjoy great meals, in fantastic restaurants and the strands nationally acclaimed coastal attractions. To enjoy to local bars and night clubs of the area.

Is bike Week 2021 in Myrtle Beach Cancelled?

The Atlantic Beach Bikefest has been cancelled for 2021 due to COVID-19. A Myrtle Beach Area tradition for more than three decades, the Atlantic Beach Bikefest is a Memorial Weekend party like no other!

Is Daytona Bike Week 2021 still on?

Daytona Bike Week, March 5-14 2021 | Daytona Beach Bike Week.

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