Question: What happened to Accidentally on Purpose?

Can you do something accidentally on purpose?

An action has to start with an intention. If you intend to do something, then the action which follows would not be accidental. Unless the act itself is not what you intend to do, then its accidental. You cant do something accidentally on purpose nor do something on purpose accidentally.

Who says on accident instead of by accident?

In her paper, Barratt reveals that on accident is used almost exclusively by young people. On is more prevalent under age 10, Barratt writes. Both on and by are common between the ages of 10 and 35, and by is overwhelmingly preferred by those over 35.

Is purposely grammatically correct?

Is purposely a real word? Purposely means on purpose or not by accident, while purposefully means indicating the existence of a purpose. Although very similar, in context purposefully is usually used to indicate a greater level of intent or deliberate aim, as opposed to purposely.

Is on accident proper?

On accident is a variant form of the same adverb phrase. on accident, stating that older speakers and writers are more likely to use by accident while younger ones are more likely to use on accident. While this might be true in spoken English, its clearly not being transferred to formal written English.

What is no purpose?

: to have no particular use or function : to not be useful or helpful in any way Arguing with him serves no purpose.

Why is on accident wrong?

Even there, no one uses on accident in writing; its only a spoken English term. In fact, it is considered incorrect to be used at all. Perhaps the preposition on preceding the word accident is what causes people to use the phrase on accident instead of by accident.

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