Question: What is the happiest college major?

What is the most rewarding major?

Top 5 majors for a rewarding careerComputer science, information technology or management information systems. Electrical engineering. Mechanical engineering. Chemical engineering. Finance, accounting and mathematics.Feb 25, 2021

What major is the most fun?

14 fun and quirky majorsPopular culture. Kinesiology. Disability studies. Bakery science. Comedy. Speech, language and hearing sciences. Human-computer interaction. Design-your-own major. Most smaller liberal arts colleges and universities offer this option, for individuals who want to create their own path.

What are the least regretted college majors?

5 least regretted majorsComputer science/mathematics. Only 12.78% of survey respondents regretted this major. Business. “Too general” was the most common complaint about this major. Engineering. Health administration and assisting. Health sciences and technologies.

What major requires the least amount of work?

Check out the list of the 10 college majors with the most free time:Zoology. Marketing. Economics. Public Relations and Advertising. Computer Engineering and Tech. Astronomy. Hours of relaxation per week: 13.08.Computer Science. Hours of relaxation per week: 13.7.Software Engineering. Hours of relaxation per week: 13.84. •30 Jan 2018

What majors are most employable?

As such, heres are the ten most employable degrees that you should consider when choosing your degree:Subjects allied to medicine – 93%.Architecture, building & planning – 92%.Education – 90%.Engineering & technology – 85%.Computer Science – 80%.Mathematical sciences – 79%.Business studies – 75%.Law – 74%.

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