Question: Where is BC Rich made?

Is BC Rich made in China?

It depends on the model. The cheaper ones (under $1000) are made in China I think (or at least they used to be made there). Until last year there used to be a series (I dont remember the name) which were much better that were made (I think) in Poland (they costed about $1200).

Does BC Rich still make guitars?

All guitars from 2019 (to forever) will be neckthroughs (we are BC Rich after all) with updated/optimized electronics and the best available brand name components. Some of the legacy models (yes IronBirds and Stealth too) are back in production, while we have some new models we cant wait to share.

What does NJ stand for BC Rich?

Nagoya, Japan Eventually they were rebranded as the B.C. Rich NJ series in 1983 (with the “NJ” standing for “Nagoya, Japan”). The B.C. Rico imports that arrived stateside in 1981 and 1982—Mockingbirds, Waves, Seagull IIs, and Eagles—were extremely high quality.

How much is a BC Rich Warlock?

B.C. Rich Warlock guitars have a wide price range. The basic MK1 starts between $200 and $300. A 7-string version costs around $300 to $350. The high-end B.C. Rich Warlock Mk11 starts around $1,000 and $1,500 depending on the version and vendor.

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