Question: Is Michelle in GTA 4 a cop?

In 2008, she is an undercover government agent who works for United Liberty Paper. Before her true identity is revealed, she becomes Niko Bellics girlfriend under the alias Michelle.

What does Michelle like gta4?

Michelle[2]Edit Vehicle Preference: Michelle likes almost any vehicle, excluding police cars, trucks, and beaters. Venue Preference: Michelle likes any venue, though her favorites are bowling, darts, pool, the Burger Shot restaurant, diners, and the Cluckin Bell restaurant.

Who is the traitor in GTA 4?

Darko Brevic Darko Brevic explaining why he betrayed Niko and his friends and the price paid for him to do so, in That Special Someone. A thousand. Darko Brevic (Serbian: Дарко Бревић, Darko Brević) is a central character and the tertiary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Was CJ in GTA IV?

CJs Ghost is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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