Question: What are some things Nemo says?

What does crush in Nemo say?

Crush: You so totally rock, Squirt! So gimme some fin.

What does the girl in Nemo say?

Darla : [Darla taps madly on the tank glass trying to knock Peach off; singing loudly] Twinkle twinkle little star! Peach : [slowly falling off the glass] Find a happy place! Find a happy place! Find a happy place!

Who is the girl in Nemo?

Darla Sherman Darla Sherman is a main character in Finding Nemo.

How old is Crush in Finding Nemo?

150-year-old When it comes to traveling the oceans currents, no one has as much fun as Crush. The 150-year-old sea turtle is young at heart with a laid-back surfer dude attitude that lets him go with the flow.

Is Darla Sherman evil?

Finding Nemo Darla is the 8-year-old niece of Philip Sherman, a dentist. Although she is not truly evil, and thus not a villain, she is rather rambunctious and immature and often becomes overexcited when she receives pet fish, which ironically has frequently resulted in her accidentally killing them in her excitement.

Is Bruce from Finding Nemo good or bad?

Bruce is a great white shark and a supporting character in Disney/Pixars 2003 animated film, Finding Nemo. He is the leader of the Fish-Friendly Sharks support group.

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