Question: Is Ivan Sanchez married to Ana Brenda?

Who is Ana Brenda husband?

Alejandro Amayam. 2013–2015 Ana Brenda Contreras/Husband Personal life. Contreras married Alejandro Amaya in a civil ceremony in Las Vegas on April 4, 2013.

Is Ana breco married?

Alejandro Amayam. 2013–2015 Ana Brenda Contreras/Spouse

Where is Ana Brenda from?

McAllen, Texas, United States Ana Brenda Contreras/Place of birth

Who is Iván Sánchez dating?

Ana Brenda Contreras Iván SánchezOccupationActor model film producerYears active2002–presentSpouse(s)Elia Galera ​ ( m. 2014⁠–⁠2015)​Partner(s)Ana Brenda Contreras (2015–2018)4 more rows

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