Question: Is Garretts popcorn unhealthy?

Home-made popcorn with only a little bit of sugar or salt is considered okay and not too unhealthy. However, Garretts popcorn or movie popcorn is another matter altogether. One small bag could cost you 630 calories and 50g of fats.

Is cretors popcorn healthy?

Their popcorn is gluten free and non-GMO certified and contains zero trans fats. A full 3 ¾ cups of their popcorn contains only 150 calorie and three full grans of fiber. Thats a lot of popcorn for only 150 calories! And the fiber fills you up not out.

What is the shelf life of Garretts popcorn?

Bags from our Shop and event and DIY favor bags sold online keep your Garrett Popcorn fresh for about a day. Sealed Tins are good for up to two weeks. Our snack packs and resealable pouches are designed to keep your Garrett fresher, longer. Please refer to the best by date printed on the bag.

Can you freeze popcorn?

Q: Can you freeze popcorn? A: Good news, you CAN freeze popcorn. Just be sure to use a freezer bag, and again, eliminate as much air space inside the bag as possible. Of course, nothing beats fresh popcorn, which is one reason (of many) youll favor our stay-fresh cones and resealable tins.

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