Question: Is there a live chat with Facebook?

Facebook offers live chat as a means of getting help through their agents. Unfortunately, Facebook Live Chat is only available for business accounts. They do not help with standard user accounts, which leaves the vast majority of their user population without a chat option.

How can I talk to a live agent on Facebook?

You can contact their support by writing email to .

How can I get back into my Facebook account?

To recover an old account:Go to the profile of the account youd like to recover.Below the cover photo, tap More and select Find Support or Report Profile.Choose Something Else, then tap Submit.Tap Recover this account and follow the steps.

How can I ring Facebook?

Contact Facebook customer services by calling their UK phone number 0203 386 6000 for technical support when placing an advert on your business profile and to report inappropriate content....Facebook contact numbers.Facebook departmentContact numberFacebook international contact number+1800 090 32351 more row

How do I email Facebook with a problem 2021?

Heres how to access the form:Select Help and Support from the account dropdown menu. Facebook Account Dropdown Menu.Select Report a Problem.Click Something went wrong. Give Feedback to Facebook Menu.Complete & submit the contact form. How to Get Help from Facebook with a Contact Form.22 Apr 2021

How can I recover my Facebook account without phone number?

If you found your account but dont have access to the phone number and email you set up, Facebook cant verify your identity. If you found your account and selected a method for receiving your reset code, enter the security code you received and select Continue. Enter a new password and select Continue.

How do I contact Facebook by email? – This is a very basis support email and you should be very, very detailed about your issue if you use this general email address. – This email address is specifically for financial issues that are related to your Facebook activities.

How do I contact Facebook about an issue?

Tap in the top right of Facebook.Scroll to the bottom and select Report a Problem.Select the Facebook product youre having a problem with.Describe your problem in the text box, including the steps you took to encounter the issue.Attach a screenshot (optional).Tap Submit.

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