Question: What is a Nigerian Calabash sacrifice?

The Arugba, also known as the calabash carrier, has a large calabash on her head underneath a colourful veil. It contains the sacrifices of the entire community and those offered by the people in attendance. Every Arugba has to remain a virgin during her time in the role.

What does sacrificing chickens mean?

Animal sacrifice is the ritual killing and offering of an animal, usually as part of a religious ritual or to appease or maintain favour with a deity.

What is the meaning of arugba?

An Arugba is a young woman, a votary virgin, chosen to lead the Osun-Osogbo festival procession. According to the custom, she must be of royal blood and a virgin and without her, the procession and the festival cannot happen.

How do they celebrate Osun festival?

The aesthetics of the Osun Osogbo festival includes drumming, dancing, musical performing, wearing of elaborate costumes, speaking of the Yoruba language, recitation of praise poetry and so on. These elements make the festival what it is, and adding pomp and colour to the proceedings.

What is the purpose of the Osun Osogbo festival for the local community and the people who travel to participate in the festival?

Osun-Osogbo: At A Glance The festival of Osun-Osgobo, which takes place every year in Osogbo, Nigeria, celebrates the goddess of fertility, Osun. The festival renews the contract between humans and the divine: Osun offers grace to the community; in return, it vows to honor her Sacred Grove.

What animal represents sacrifice?

The sacrificial animal may be a sheep, a goat, a camel, or a cow. The animal must be healthy and conscious. ...Therefore to the Lord turn in Prayer and Sacrifice. (Quran 108:2) Qurban is an Islamic prescription for the affluent to share their good fortune with the needy in the community.

What is Osun in Yoruba?

Oshun, also spelled Osun, an orisha (deity) of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. Oshun is commonly called the river orisha, or goddess, in the Yoruba religion and is typically associated with water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality.

What does God say about sacrifice?

Sacrifice means giving to the Lord whatever He requires of our time, our earthly possessions, and our energies to further His work. The Lord commanded, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). Our willingness to sacrifice is an indication of our devotion to God.

What religion do they sacrifice animals?

Animal sacrifice is central to Santeria. The animal is sacrificed as food, rather than for any obscure mystical purpose. Followers of an Orisha will offer them food and sacrifice animals to them in order to build and maintain a personal relationship with the spirit.

What is Osun State called?

Osun ( pronounced; /ˈōSHo͞on/) is an inland state in south-western Nigeria. Its capital is Osogbo. It is bounded in the north by Kwara State, in the east partly by Ekiti State and partly by Ondo State, in the south by Ogun State and in the west by Oyo State....Osun State.State of more rows

What is the sacrifice of Jesus?

Jesus crucifixion is regarded by Christians as the perfect sacrifice. He spilled his blood on the cross for the sins of the world. The practice of the Eucharist is a symbolic celebration of the body and blood of Christ.

Why is sacrifice important in life?

The more we sacrifice (genuinely sacrifice; not just begrudgingly do things) for another, the more we will love that person. He or she becomes dearer to us precisely because we have given so much of ourselves for that person. Thus sacrifice becomes a cause of love as well as an effect of it.

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