Question: Is Gaia Online shutting down 2020?

Gaia isnt shutting down. Were in the progress of a server migration which is taking longer than we anticipated. :( Please bare with us while this is under way.

Can I use Gaia in airplane mode?

Airplane mode will not automatically disable WI-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. However, because your phone can still communicate with GPS satellites while in airplane mode, Gaia GPS works just as well on airplane mode as when you are connected to Wi-Fi or cell service, so long as youve downloaded maps ahead of time.

Who is the CEO of Gaia TV?

Jirka Rysavy (Jul 2016–) Gaia, Inc./CEO

What language do they speak in Gaia?

Afrikaans English Gaia/Languages

Does airplane mode charge your phone faster?

According to Verizon, putting your phone in Airplane mode charges four times faster than charging it normally. So if it usually takes about four hours for your phone to fully charge, you can bring that number down to an hour instead in Airplane mode. You can find the Airplane mode button in your Android settings.

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