Question: Whats it like to live in Chepstow?

Is Monmouthshire a nice place to live?

IF YOURE looking for the good life, then you neednt look further than Monmouth, as the town has been named the third-best place to live in the UK by a national newspaper. In the Sunday Times Best Places to Live in Britain, the Monmouthshire town came third place.

Is Wye Valley nice?

The Wye Valley is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which straddles the borders between England and Wales. It is a beautiful, natural area with a rich, industrial past. This wonderful combination of history and nature is reflected in the many little villages that are spread across the valley.

What part of Wales has the most castles?

The town of Conwy has the most complete set of town walls in Wales. This was the last of Edward Is castles to be built in north Wales. Begun in 1295, it is a concentric castle with a water-filled moat as an extra line of defence.

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