Question: Is overture PLA any good?

According to 72% reviews on Amazon, the product is a staggering 5 out of 5 stars in ratings. OVERTURE PLA filament is worth its price and very useful for 3D printing. The product is easy to use and environment friendly so you can use PLA knowing it doesnt have a big negative impact on the environment.

Who makes overture PLA?

The Hatchbox PLA (black) weighed in at 5.47 grams, while the Overture PLA (red) weight 3.92 grams....BrandOVERTUREColor3d Pen Filament, 12 Colors1 more row

What temperature should overture PLA be?

Way to go Overture. With Overture standard PLA, I need to use 195 or 200 temp for 0-60mm and 215 for 60mm-100mm print speed.

Is overture filament Amazon Basics?

Sure it may not be called Amazon Basics but this filament is identical - same spool, even the Overture logo and other writing on the spool match the Amazon Basics filament line.

How long will PLA last outdoors?

How Long Will PLA Last Outside? PLA can easily last several years outside depending on your environment, humidity, heat and levels of sun that affect it. If you happen to have the PLA under some protective shade which prevents rain and the sun from affecting it, then a PLA print should last very long outside.

Can you use PETG instead of PLA?

If you are looking for a material with good physical properties, then it would be better to go with PETG over PLA. Unlike PLA, PETG is water-, chemically- and fatigue-resistant. It is also more durable than PLA as well as less stiff. Generally, PETG is seen as a mixture between ABS and PLA.

Can you print PETG on PLA?

Yes, PETG can stick on top of PLA, as long as you change the temperature to the ideal printing temperature for PETG. Once the material has melted well enough, it can bond nicely with the material below it.

Is PETG stronger than PLA plus?

While PLA is a great material to print with, it has a few downsides. Most would probably say the next step up from PLA is either PETG or ABS. In general, both are stronger and more resistant than PLA, but neither are as simple to print with.

Can you use bleach on PLA?

0:272:58Exposing PLA Filament to Bleach - YouTubeYouTube

Is PLA weather proof?

This filament is explicitly UV resistant and weather resistant so for any projects that you are using outdoors, this is your go-to filament.

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