Question: How old is Antar Laniyan now?

Its about 31 years today and am not 50 yet (laughs).

How old is akin Lewis?

About 64 years (1957) Akin Lewis/Age

When did Antar Laniyan started acting?

His journey into acting was inspired by a performance he watched during the 1977 Festival of Black Arts and Civilisation (FESTAC 77). However, his journey as a performer and actor began in 1976 when he was in secondary school. Antar began his acting career in 1981.

What is Peter Fatomilola age?

75 years (January 16, 1946) Peter Fatomilola/Age

How old is Yomi Fash now?

53 years (June 7, 1968) Yomi Fash-Lanso/Age

Who is Osita Iheme wife?

Noma Osita IhemeOsita Iheme MFRIheme at the 2014 Africa Magic Viewers Choice AwardsBorn20 February 1982 Mbaitoli, Imo, NigeriaOccupationActor, Producer, ComedianSpouse(s)Noma

What is Odunlade adekola net worth?

Top 20 most handsome actors in nigeria - can find Ogunlade adekola is the richest yoruba actor in nigeria with a net worth of 1 million.

How old is Babasuwe?

63 years (August 22, 1958) Babatunde Omidina/Age

Where is Peter Fatomilola now?

Currently, Fatomilola is a retiree. He retired from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2006 and he has since focused on farming although he still features in movies whenever he is called upon.

Is Dagunro still alive?

A popular actor in the Yoruba section of the Nigerian movie industry, Mr Fasasi Olabankewin, otherwise known as Dagunro, has died. Dagunro breathed his last in Lagos today after battling with an undisclosed illness, which has kept him away from the movie scenes for a while.

Is Osita Iheme rich?

Osita Iheme has starred in over a hundred movies in Nigeria and he is one of the most popular faces in Nollywood currently. Like his acting partner Chinedu Ikedieze, Osita Iheme has a small physique....Osita Iheme Biography.Real nameOsita Iheme, MFRSource of WealthEndorsements, MoviesNet worth₦560 millionWifeNoma2 more rows•Aug 19, 2021

Who is the richest Yoruba actress?

Funke Akindele is the Richest Yoruba Actress in Nigeria, she is well-known through her major TV show titled “Jenifas diary”. It is an episode show and this has really made her. Funke Akindele was born on August 24th, 1976. She is an Ikorodu indigene, she is from Lagos State Nigeria.

Is Peter Fatomilola a professor?

Peter Fatomilola is a retired academic staff of Obafemi Awolowo University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts in 1978. He was the first person to act the role of Papa Ajasco, a lead role in a comedy opera produced by Wale Adenuga.

How old is Agbako?

Veteran actor Charles Olumo Agbako clocks 94 years of age. Nollywood veteran actor Charles Olumo popularly known as Agbako, has celebrated his birthday. The popular and talented Yoruba actor clocked 94 years on Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

Who is jamiu Olabankewin?

Jamiu Olabankewin is a young nollywood actor and a proud son of a renown thespian, who is known for chanting incantations in Yoruba movies, Fasasi Olabankewin (Dagunro). He is the CEO of 100 years films production. He derived the name from his popular movie, 100 years, released some years ago.

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