Question: Who is Art Garfunkels son?

How old are Art Garfunkels sons?

On Wednesday, October 2nd, for the first time, Art Garfunkel shared the stage at Carnegie Hall with his family - his wife, Kathryn Luce and their two sons, Arthur Jr., 27 and Beau Daniel, 13.

What happened to Arthur Garfunkel?

Today, Garfunkel continues to record and perform solo projects, while also teaming up with famous artists such as James Taylor and Bruce Springsteen. He also continues to appear in movies. In the 1980s, long-distance walking became one of his passions; he crossed both Japan and the United States on foot.

Why did Simon and Garfunkel breakup?

Left out of the decision making, Garfunkel felt betrayed by his friend and not valued as much as songwriter Simon. “He made a record without telling me,” Garfunkel told The Guardian of the reason behind the duos original split. “That was 1956, maybe 1957.

Are Edie Brickell and Paul Simon still together?

In April 2014, singer-songwriter Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickell appeared in court after they were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct. Simon, 74, and Brickell, 50, have been married since 1992 and have three children together.

When did Paul Simon go solo?

1972 Solo Career In 1972, Simon recorded a self-titled solo album. With songs like Mother and Child Reunion (named after a dish at a Chinese restaurant) and Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, he took a distinct stylistic turn away from his previous work and earned rave reviews from initially skeptical critics.

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