Question: What happens at the end of lovestruck in the city?

Lee Eun-o and Jae-won are an official couple after they finally sorted their differences in the last episode. They are asked about their “firsts” at the start of the finale. Rin-i tells the viewers it reminds her of a “first love”, and then confirms that she is still broken up from Choi Kyeong-jun.

Has lovestruck in the city ended?

Lovestruck in the City season 1 was released on December 22, 2020, on Netflix and concluded on February 16, 2021. It consists of seventeen episodes with a runtime of 29-35 minutes each. The series ends on a sweet note, and most fans were satisfied with the ending.

How does lovestruck in the city work?

Lee Eun-O (Kim Ji-Won) works as a freelancer marketer. She takes a trip without making specific plans. While on her trip, Lee Eun-O meets Park Jae-Won in a strange place. She introduces herself as Yoon Sun-A and pretends to have a free spirit, which is a totally different personality from her real self.

How many episodes does lovestruck in the city has?

17 Lovestruck in the City/Number of episodes

How many episodes is lovestruck in the city?

17 Lovestruck in the CityCountry of originSouth KoreaOriginal languageKoreanNo. of episodes17 (list of episodes)Production23 more rows

Is Lovestruck in the city hit or flop?

“Lovestruck in the city” was one of the most talked about dramas with high hopes riding up to its release. With stars like Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won, the drama should have been a sure shot hit. The show is airing on Netflix, one of the biggest international platforms for korean dramas and yet failed.

Who is Ji Chang Wook friends with?

EXOs Chanyeol and Ji Chang Wooks bromance continues Fans poured in comments and started to call them both handsome.

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