Question: Why cant I see who has liked me on Tinder?

Log into your Tinder account on desktop via your browser (for this example we use Google Chrome), by heading over to After signing in, you see your Matches list in the sidebar on the left. To the left of your first match, a blurred icon is telling you how many people Liked you. Click on that.

Why cant I see who liked me on Tinder for free?

To be able to see who liked you on Tinder, you need to have a Tinder Gold subscription. If you dont have access to the Likes You feature, you can still see the profiles pictures of the people who liked your profiles, but their photos are completely blurred out.

Do I have to pay to see who liked me on Tinder?

Well, theyre in luck, if youre a Tinder user in the US you can now pay to see all the people who have swiped right to “like” you, regardless of whether youve liked them—no swiping necessary. The benefit, called “Likes You,” is part of Tinder Gold, the dating apps premium paid service.

When can I see my likes on Tinder?

After purchasing a subscription, youll be able to see your Likes on the same screen where you view matches today. These will appear in the first circle before matches individual profiles. The circle, which is outlined in gold, will also tell you how many Likes you have.

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