Question: Does Guild Wars 2 have character customization?

Both can be changed throughout the game. Although your biography determines your initial personality, choices made by your character throughout the game will have a bigger impact. Physical appearance can be changed after character creation with a Self-Style Hair Kit and Total Makeover Kit.

Can you customize your character in Guild Wars 2?

Players can alter the physical appearance by selecting from pre-set options and using a slider for further customization. Customization is a hybrid combination of choosing from preset options, as in Guild Wars, and adjusting some details with sliders, such as the width of the nose.

How do I change my appearance in GW2?

0:3513:30Guild Wars 2 New Player Guide | How To Customise Your Character, Gear ...YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAs often as you like how do you do this well you can use the total makeover kit which allows you toMoreAs often as you like how do you do this well you can use the total makeover kit which allows you to change the physical appearance of your character.

Can you change gender in Guild Wars 2?

Double-click to consume. Double-click to modify your appearance: height, physique, skin color, markings, face, hair, even gender. Race and profession will remain the same.

How much do gems cost GW2?

RatiosEditCurrencyGems / UnitUnit / 100 GemsUS Dollars80 / $$1.25 / 100EU Euros80 / €€1.25 / 100British Pounds94 / £ 1£1.0625 / 10030 Aug 2021

Can you change your name in Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 offers the ability to change your character name by purchasing a Name Change Contract. You can pick up a Name Change Contract in the Upgrades category of the Black Lion Trading Company for 800 Gems.

How much is 4000 Gems in Guild Wars 2?

4000 Gems costs $50. Basic + Gems = $80, which is the price of the ultimate edition.

Do Guild Wars 2 gems ever go on sale?

Unfortunately no. Theyve never done a bulk sale discount, or even regular discount, on their gem store.

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