Question: Is Ivor Cutler still alive?

Where did Ivor Cutler teach?

He appeared in the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour film in 1967 and on Neil Innes television programmes. Cutler also wrote books for children and adults and was a teacher at A. S. Neills Summerhill School and for 30 years in inner-city schools in London....Ivor CutlerLabelsDecca, Virgin, Harvest, Rough Trade, Creation9 more rows

Who is the new John Peel?

Saunders, 27, who also fronts Radio 1s Indie show on Thursday nights, has been tasked with breaking new bands and giving a bigger profile to guitar music on the youth network.

What does eivor mean in English?

luck in the spring Meaning of Eivor Eivor means “luck in the spring”, “spring lucky”, “island of spring” or “defender”, “vigilant” (from Old Norse “auja” = gift/luck/fortune, or “ey” = island, in combination with “vár/vǫr” = spring, or “varr” = vigilant/cautious and “warjaʀ” = defender).

What killed John Peel?

Heart attack John Peel/Cause of death John Peel, the veteran DJ who discovered dozens of major bands during a broadcasting career spanning 40 years, has died after suffering a heart attack. Peel, who was 65, was taken ill during a working holiday with his wife, Sheila, in the city of Cuzco, Peru, and never recovered.

Do you ken John Peel meaning?

John Peel (1776? – 13 November 1854) was an English huntsman who is the subject of the nineteenth century song Dye ken John Peel - ken meaning to be aware of or to know in some dialects of the North of England and Scotland.

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