Question: What do you wear under lederhosen?

Traditional Lederhosen have always been somewhat of formal attire. So button down long sleeve shirts are most commonly worn under Lederhosen to complete the look. The worst thing you can do is wear a casual T-shirt under the Lederhosen. Try to wear white button down shirt for the best Lederhosen look.

What shirt do you wear with lederhosen?

Light shirt Bavarian trachten shirts are the most common worn at the festival, essential checkered or plaid shirts, but plain white shirts are also popular. The key thing is to not wear a T-shirt underneath your lederhosen under any circumstance.

How do you dry lederhosen?

In certain circumstances, this process may take longer, much like drying. After you have carefully squeezed the water out of your lederhosen (dont wring them out as it will damage the structure), place them down flat to try, ideally on a hand towel. You should turn the pants regularly while drying.

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