Question: Is Portland Maine a good place for singles?

According to WalletHub and the U.S. Census Bureau, about 45 percent of American adults are single. A new ranking of the best cities for singles names Portland as a top place to be, well, alone. WalletHubs list of 2019s Best & Worst Cities for Singles places Portland as No. 10 on the list.

Does Portland Maine have a nightlife?

Portland is the ideal place to take in live entertainment and enjoy area nightlife. Downtown, the Old Port is a live entertainment destination, with venues lining the cobblestone streets. And, while live entertainment heats up on Fridays and Saturdays, pubs and clubs in the city schedule events all week.

What is there to do in Maine at night?

Nightlife in MaineTheater. Ogunquit Playhouse. 4.7.Nightlife. ImprovAcadia. 4.7.Theater. Penobscot Theatre Company. 4.7.Nightlife. Wicked Walking Tours. 4.7.Theater. Carousel Music Theater. 4.6.Performance. Timber Tinas Great Maine Lumberjack Show. 4.7.Theater. Criterion Theater. 4.5. Movie Theater. Reel Pizza Cinerama. 4.5.

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