Question: What does Masaka mean in Uganda?

Masakanoun. A district in central Uganda.

Where did Masaka kids come from?

The talented sextet of Uganda-based childrens group Masaka Kids Africana, named after the Masaka town in the south of the country, arrived in Istanbul on Dec. 14 for a one-week trip through the support of a number of generous sponsors in the city.

What happened in Masaka?

Greater Masaka area has been a hotspot of mysterious killings over the last 10 years. In June 2009, 14 murders were registered in Greater Masaka and they were attributed to contract killers. The hackings ceased, but emerged in 2013 in Rakai District where families were attacked and hacked to death.

Where are Masaka kids from in Africa?

Uganda Masaka Kids Africana is popular on social media with millions of people watching their dances. A dance group of orphan children from the east African country of Uganda arrived in Turkey to mesmerize people with their eccentric style.

Who is Suuna Hassan?

Suuna Hassan (Manager spark) Manager / director at Masaka Kids Africana. Masaka Kids Africana is the group / Foundation of young talented Kids in Dancing, from Uganda - Masaka, East Africa,village called Nyendo - Kayirikiti, We DANCE - RISE AND SHINE.. To empower children, mobilize communities and build futures.

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