Question: Which is better Kaspersky or Norton?

Norton is a clear winner as it offers more security-related features and extra utilities in its security products than Kaspersky. Independent tests prove that Norton is better than Kaspersky in terms of malware protection and the impact on system performance.

Is Kaspersky better?

Kaspersky has an excellent antivirus scanner and real-time malware protection โ€” it caught all of my malware samples during testing. And it has some great additional protections as well. Its anti-phishing protection was pretty good at detecting risky sites.

Can Kaspersky remove Trojans?

Protect your computer from malware with Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Our advanced software automatically scans your computer to find threats, and if your system has been infected by malware, our technology will remove it from your device and inform you.

Does Kaspersky detect Trojans?

A robust antivirus solution โ€“ such as Kaspersky Total Security โ€“ will detect and prevent Trojan attacks on your devices and ensure a safer online experience.

How much RAM does Norton 360 use?

As I said, Norton needs a hefty amount of RAM to run its antivirus, internet detection, and spyware detection tools. Like 2 GB of RAM (if youre running on Windows 10 or anything newer, and same for Macs with Intel Core 2 Duo or a newer processor). Out of these 2 GB, 512 MB are required for the Recovery Tool only.

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