Question: Where does Neil go FNV?

Once Tabitha is gone from the mountain, Neil will stay at his shack in order to redirect other super mutants that may have heard Tabithas broadcast. If the Courier was able to convince Neil for assistance, he will instead stay at the higher area of the mountain by the toppled satellite dish.

Where did Neil go New Vegas?

Neil the super mutant will tell the player character to meet him at the top of the hill. He will be located to the left directly after passing the crater (radiation warning). Talk to him but DO NOT go running ahead.

Where do Tabitha and Rhonda go?

Some eventually found their way to Jacobstown, but many wandered off into the wastes, confused and disheartened. Tabitha and Rhonda went east, through Caesars land.

Can you find Mr New Vegas in Fallout?

Some of his news will be based on the players reputation or karma. Unlike his Fallout 3 counterpart, Three Dog, Mr. New Vegas cannot be encountered in any way. His base of operations is also never discovered.

Where is the key to Black Mountain 2nd floor?

Tabithas room key is required to enter, which can be found either on Tabithas body or under a small rock beneath the stairs of the building.

How do you get Tabitha as a companion?

The only way to get Tabitha as a Companion is that if you fix Rhonda, the Mr. Handy love bot, or Tabitha will seek you out and kill you. If you fix Rhonda, Tabitha will engane dialogue with you for thanking for fixing Rhonda and new options will follow.

What happened to Joshua Graham?

The Malpais Legate returned to Caesar in shame. To demonstrate that failure is not tolerated, even at the highest of ranks, Caesar ordered Graham to be burned alive. The former Legate was covered in pitch, lit on fire, and thrown into the Grand Canyon, for leading the Legion into its worst defeat in Legions history.

How do you deal with Chief Hanlon?

You can choose to kill Hanlon yourself, which he warns you is a bad idea due to being in the middle of a ranger base. If you insist on doing so after his warning, Hanlon will turn hostile. If you have killed Caesar, you can convince Hanlon to come back to his senses and cease falsifying the reports, and you get 500XP.

What weapons will Raul use?

Rauls main weapon of choice is a . 44 Magnum Revolver, which is very powerful in Rauls hands. The gun will never break nor run out of ammunition, making Raul something of a tank when equipped with powerful armor.

Where is the key to the broadcast Building 2nd Floor?

The second door exits at the back and cannot be entered from the outside otherwise. It provides access to a staircase that leads to Tabithas room. Tabithas room key is required to enter, which can be found either on Tabithas body or under a small rock beneath the stairs of the building.

Where is the Raul unlock key?

In the room outside of the locked door there are two terminals, one locked and one not. Access the one thats not and read the last entry. In it you receive the pass code to unlock the locked terminal, and from there you unlock the door.

Where is Tabithas room key?

Head to Broadcast Building (M44:4) and take the second door in the background. Just under the stairs leading up you will find the key to Tabithas room #1.

Does Joshua Graham Hunt You Down?

Upon completing Chaos In Zion Joshua Graham will hunt the player down, as he promised - whether you thought you killed him or not.

Who is the burned man?

Joshua Graham Joshua Graham (known formerly as the Malpais Legate, and in folk legends as the Burned Man) is a Mormon missionary, co-founder of Caesars Legion, and its first Legate. Graham led Caesars troops to a humiliating defeat in the First Battle of Hoover Dam.

What happens if you turn Chief Hanlon in?

If you decide to turn him in, he will tell you to go get a ranger to make it official. Once you step out of the office, the door closes and locks, and Hanlon delivers a speech to the stationed rangers via the intercomm Once his speech is over, he commits suicide with his revolver.

Who killed the Rangers at Station Charlie?

Caesars Legion troops Former NCR Ranger Andy, will ask the Courier to check on Ranger Station Charlie. Upon arrival, you will find that all the rangers have been killed by Caesars Legion troops, who left behind two holotapes.

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