Question: What is the meaning of right up?

—used by someone (such as a waiter) to say that something will be served or delivered very quickly.

Whats the meaning of right up your street?

[mainly British] said to mean that something is exactly the kind of thing you like or know about. Actor Roy Barraclough has taken on a role thats right up his street, as Sherlock Holmes bumbling sidekick Watson.

Would it be right up my street?

If something is right up your street or just up your street, it is the kind of thing you like or know about. If you like casual yet elegant clothes, then this collection should be right up your street. I read a review of the book and thought it would be right up my street.

What the meaning of Step right up?

chiefly US. —used to invite people to gather around to see a show or to buy things Step right up and see the worlds greatest magic show!

What does to each its own mean?

Definition of to each his own —used to say that other people are free to like different things I dont care for football, but to each his own.

Is down to the fact meaning?

To focus on the most important or truthful aspects of a particular situation. Dont get overwhelmed with this situation, just get down to the facts.

What does it mean if someone is down?

I am down can also mean that you are sad. When someone asks are you okay? You can respond with No, I am a little down meaning that you are a little sad or upset. Even though this phrase doesnt always mean the same thing, people will understand what you are saying :) See a translation.

What does right up my alley means?

In ones specialty, to ones taste, as in Writing press releases is right up her alley, or He loved opera, so this program of arias was right down his alley. These idioms use alley in the sense of “ones own province,” a usage dating from the early 1600s.

When people say to each their own?

“To each their own” is an English idiom signifying that everyone is entitled to his or her own preferences. This idiom is commonly used when the speaker disagrees with another persons choice, but does not think the point is worth arguing.

Who first said to each their own?

: : : : : : : The origin of, To each his own, comes from MacBeth when Shakespear wrote about Ursis father telling him on his journey, to each his own,but to thine own self be true, this must follow as night the day, thou canst be false to any man.

What does put it down to experience mean?

put something down to experienceto decide not to be affected by an unpleasant experience, but to accept that such things happen and cannot be avoided. Synonyms and related words. To ignore something, or to not pay attention.

What is the meaning of the phrasal verb put down to?

phrasal verb. put something down to something. ​to consider that something is caused by something synonym attribute.

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