Question: Can you go to Lundy Island?

Uniquely placed 18km off the North Devon coast, Lundy is an island surrounded by a wealth of marine habitats. The main dive season runs from April to October and the island can be reached on our supply ship MS Oldenburg, on one of the local reputable charter companies or on your own transport.

Can I travel to Lundy Island?

Travelling to Lundy The MS Oldenburg is Lundys ferry and supply ship, which takes visitors to Lundy from Ilfracombe and Bideford from the end of March until the end of October. Some more information from the MS Oldenburgs website: “The journey to or from Lundy usually takes less than two hours.

Is it worth visiting Lundy Island?

Lundy is a fascinating place and quite stunningly beautiful. The history, the birds and wildlife and the views are all worth the boat raid and the Marisco Tavern does excellent beer and good food.

What is the name of the pub on Lundy?

The Marisco Tavern The Marisco Tavern is Lundys only pub and as such has to be all things to all people. Its the pub that never shuts, although alcohol is only served during permitted hours, and is the only building on the Island to have lighting after the generators shut down for the night.

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