Question: What does Amaka mean in Igbo?

p. 203) Amaka (f): Short form of female name Chiamaka meaning God is beautiful (p. 78)

What is the meaning of the name Amaka?

The name Amaka is primarily a female name of African - Nigeria origin that means Precious.

What is the meaning of Amanda in Igbo?

Amanda, Mandy, My God will not fail/

How can I be good in Igbo?

0:247:04Greetings in Igbo Language - YouTubeYouTube

Is Amara an Igbo name?

Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Amara Amara is a name recently discovered by African-Americans; the name comes from Nigeria – it means “grace, mercy, kindness” in the native Igbo language. The name is freshly exotic and understatedly pretty.

How can I win the heart of Igbo girl?

11 Ways To Win The Heart Of An Igbo WomanGive her money. If you must serve her breakfast in bed, please include beer in the breakfast tray. Let her date other men. Buy beard oil for her. If she offends you, apologise to her by crediting her account. If she does not reach out to you in three months, stay faithful. •Jun 26, 2021

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